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Canadian law firm offers client facing document automation

Steven Pulver, Director of Disruption at Caravel Law in Toronto, Canada shares his firms thoughts on Contract Express document automation: “Every (business) decision we (the firm) make comes down to – can we afford it…can we make money off it. Any business should be thinking the same way..the truth is, without a tool like this how could we compete with larger firms that have the facility and infrastructure to do this. This is an amazing tool (Contract Express) to generate revenue as well…we set out to see how we could change the legal landscape in essentially giving out legal documents using the Contract Express platform into something called ‘Compass’. So essentially what we built on top of Contact Express is early stage financial documents that allow companies and investors to generate legal documents. They (customers) can go on (to our site and) completely for free using the Contract Express generate documents they need for early stage finance transactions. In the future we want to harness the same Contract Express technology and build out different components: pre-financing, shareholder agreements, anything that fits in this bucket” Find out more about Caravel Law’s project with our videos featuring Steven himself: Increase firm productivity and generate revenue (1:24) Lower fees through increased efficiencies (0:38) Contract Automation to differentiate and compete (1:20) Use technology to deliver amazing legal services to your customers (0:55) To find out more about how Compass works visit their dedicated page. To find more about the product, see our Contract Express Fact...

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What’s new in Contract Express 7.2?

We are delighted to announce the release of Contract Express version 7.2. This release focuses on improving Contract Express stand-alone by providing you with a more sophisticated workflow solution, risk management tools, and enhanced admin features.

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What’s new in Contract Express version 7.1?

If you haven’t already been notified within Contract Express, it’s time to check for updates again! We have very recently released Contract Express version 7.1 and are excited to introduce several new features and enhancements in the latest version.

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Contract Express 7.0 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of Contract Express 7.0.

This major release introduces several features that enhance the document creation and negotiation experiences. Customers with a Practical Law UK subscription now also get access to almost 300 pre-automated, maintained templates and standard clauses.

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Contract Express at TRLegalX Event

The Emerging Legal Technology Forum will showcase top legal professionals and change leaders as they look at ways to use technology to revolutionize legal practice.

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New URL and more

As you already heard, Business Integrity was acquired by Thomson Reuters in October, 2015. As a consequence of this, we have now updated our website URL. We retired the address and our official new website will be

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ASDA features in The Law Society Gazette

Earlier this week, Alistair Maiden, Senior Commercial Lawyer at ASDA gave a talk titled “How ASDA revolutionized the way we handle contracts” in front of a packed house of curious in-house lawyers at The Law Society of England and Wales’ Chancery Lane head quarters.

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