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For Corporations

The best way to experience Contract Express Contract Creation is hands-on with our free trial for Salesforce or in the Cloud. The trial allows you to play with our best-of-breed features such as our:

  • Legally-intuitive template mark-up
  • Intelligent self-service questionnaire
  • Social approvals process
  • Reporting and alerts

What’s included?

The trial is set up with sample contracts and approval workflows – all we need from you is an email address. We will provide you with a log-in for a “Legal” and “Business” user so that you may experience both the contract request and approval process from both perspectives. Assigning these user names to your email address of choice will allow you and your colleagues to receive “real” alerts for contract requests.

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For Law Firms

Contract Express’ distinct advantage is our patented Author tool that intuitively allows users to mark up their documents entirely within the familiar Microsoft Word environment quickly and effectively. With our free 28 day trial you can see how intuitive our Author tool really is. Simply fill out the form below to try Contract Express template authoring on your own documents. What’s included?

  1. Our template-authoring tool for Microsoft Word known as Author.
  2. A Contract Express account (free for 28 days) where you can test and share your templates. Contract Express automatically generates beautifully-designed, mobile-friendly forms from your Word documents. Everything looks stunning on an iPad.


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