Legal Document Assembly Software

Reduce unrecoverable hours and eliminate risk.

Legal Document Assembly Software

Law firms are facing unrelenting pressure from their clients to provide higher quality service at a lower cost. Contract Express, our document assembly software, incorporates over a decade of development experience into helping them solve this challenge. Our document assembly solutions(also referred to as document automation, especially when talking about external client services)  are used by some of the world’s most prestigious law firms to drive document drafting efficiency, reduce unrecoverable hours, increase partner profits, and improve client relationships.

Contract Express is widely used as a first-draft generator enabling law firm partners, associates, and paralegals to rapidly and accurately draft client documents for subsequent deal negotiations. Our legal document assembly software is easy to deploy, simple to scale, and intuitive to use. Get started with your free document assembly software trial today.

Increase Firm Profitability

Document assembly software can reduce the time required to draft client documents from hours to minutes. This reduction in the effort and costs associated with document drafting can drastically increase partner profits. Contract Express document assembly software not only improves partner profitability, but helps win new clients and retain existing clients by making possible the compelling combination of better service at lower cost.

Law firms use Contract Express document assembly to win new clients, retain key clients, and increase partner profits:

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Our intuitive & patented template automation tool, Contract Express Author, enables lawyers to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents without needing programmers. Automation without template programmers equates to automated legal processes and document assembly software you can trust today and ten years from now.

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Benefits of Document Assembly Software

Increase productivity

Using document assembly software enables quicker first draft generation and the option to create a suite of documents from only one questionnaire. Contract Express saves both time and human resource required to generate the first draft of a document, enabling law firms to respond quicker to their clients’ demands.

Focus fee earner time

Streamlining the document creation process with document assembly software makes better use of fee earner time by removing the more laborious aspects of contract drafting. This in turn frees up lawyer time to dedicate to more challenging, higher value work, resulting in a more satisfied workforce and better service delivery to clients.

Guaranteed accuracy & consistency

Ensuring first draft consistency and accuracy secures document quality across all practice areas. Through our legal document assembly software, firms can set the level of excellence for their documents, ensure consistent style and protect the firm’s brand image.

Trusted content

Our user-friendly template creation add-in for Microsoft Word is designed by lawyers for lawyers. Contract Express Author eliminates the delays, errors, loss of trust, costs and lack of feasibility associated with limiting legal document assembly software that requires working with programmers to automate templates.

Retain domain knowledge & expertise

Protect the law firm against vulnerability from lateral moves by harnessing the expertise of the firm’s attorneys in document assembly templates.

Fully styled documents

Generated documents will be one or more fully compliant .doc, .docx or locked PDFs. Each document is meaningfully named and fully styled, with numbering, cross references, pagination, headers/footers, footnotes, and table of contents – all as determined by the Word template using standard law firm Word styles and tools, and all without requiring any post assembly intervention to apply or correct Word styling.

Easy Template Creation

While other document assembly systems require templates to be created in a complex proprietary or XML based computer language, Contract Express Author provides for intuitive, natural language mark up in Microsoft Word. All set-up is done from within Microsoft Word by lawyers, enabling templates of any complexity to be set up more quickly than with any other document assembly software.

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Contract Express is a very straight-forward, ‘out of the box’, immediate solution that was easy to implement. Read case study >

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Director of Knowledge Services, Mishcon De Reya

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Merging Manual Edits the Safe Way

Contract Express Drafter assists lawyers in safely and intuitively merging manual edits with generated changes made by updating the answers within the Contract Express questionnaire (such as changing a commercial credit agreement from a term loan to a revolver loan).

Win & Retain Key Clients

Document assembly can offer firms a lot of advantages. However, to win and retain key clients firms must offer something truly innovative. Today’s most competitive law firms differentiate their services by offering document automation directly to their clients as part of their online services. To attract new clients law firms leverage document assembly software to showcase their capabilities on their websites. Learn more about how you can plug into your clients’ business with Contract Express.

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