Contract Lifecycle Management

Streamline your contract management process for NDAs and other standard contracts

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts lie at the heart of any business transaction. Using contract lifecycle management, Legal departments can streamline the contract creation process by automating the drafting, review, and management of legal documents. From NDAs to employment agreements, commercial leases and consignment documents, Contract Express contract lifecycle management software offers the flexibility to automate a wide range of standard agreements. Contract Express automated contract creation is unique because it offers contract certainty in a way that no other contract lifecycle management approach can. With PDF or Lawyer™, only non-standard contracts are routed to Legal for review and approval, dramatically reducing elapse time and improving efficiency. Business users receive approved contracts more quickly, while the lawyers are able to focus on non-standard, high value matters.

Trusted Self-service Contract Creation

Contract Express delivers self-service contract creation that is trusted by Legal and loved by the Business.

Contract Lifecycle Management for NDAs

Timely execution of NDAs is essential to developing relationships with your partners, customers, and prospects. While this statement may seem obvious, the NDA process is nevertheless a source of constant struggle for many organizations.

Delayed, incomplete, and lost NDAs are common to many paper, manual, and semi-automated processes resulting in delayed revenue recognition. Furthermore NDAs that fail to protect the company and its assets are a liability.

Contract Express contract lifecycle management streamlines the contract creation process allowing business users to receive NDAs and contracts in hours instead of days or weeks even during peak request times, encouraging them to advocate contracting on ‘your paper’.

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Our intuitive & patented template automation tool for MS Word, Contract Express Author, enables lawyers to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents without needing programmers. Automation without programmers means automated legal processes and contract lifecycle management you can trust.

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Automate the creation and lifecycle management of any high volume business agreement

From NDAs to sales contracts and vendor agreements, Contract Express can help you streamline the contract creation process, increasing productivity and reducing risk in the process. Our solutions are available for SharePoint, Salesforce, or the cloud.



Contract Lifecycle Management Features and Benefits


PDF or Lawyer

Contract Express contract lifecycle management makes possible safe self-service contract creation and approval. Business users complete an intuitive, business-oriented online questionnaire. PDF or Lawyer approval workflow enforces compliance by only allowing a business user to access a signature-ready and locked PDF version of the agreement when their answers are complete and compliant, as established by Legal. Incomplete or non-compliant requests are automatically routed to the appropriate lawyer for review.

Contract templates; the heart of your contract automation system

The generated contract is only as good as its template. Contract Express is the only contract lifecycle management software that delivers a legally intuitive template authoring experience for use by lawyers, not IT programmers.  Our patented technology allows your subject matter experts to author and automate contract templates directly in Microsoft Word, reducing the misunderstandings, testing, and delays when programmers need to be involved. Future updates become quick and timely.

Approvals that map onto your business

Contract Express’ flexible approvals engine helps you create the perfect approval process for any contract with sequential and parallel workflows. Set approvals for multiple departments, not just Legal. Automatic email alerts notify you of items awaiting approval. Approvers can review and modify a Microsoft Word version of the draft contract as well as any supporting documents uploaded by the requestor. Approvers can also re-launch the questionnaire to modify the contract. Once approved, the contract is locked as a PDF and made available to the business user via their dashboard.

Negotiate Safely

When the counterparty requests changes to the contract, Legal users can access a Microsoft Word version of the contract for negotiation. A full version history of amendments are saved to Contract Express.

Handle outside party paper

If starting with the counterparty’s paper, salespeople can upload any relevant documents to Contract Express and answer questions about key deal points to trigger a legal request. This ensures that Legal get a full version history on any amendments made to the external paper.


Standardize contract language

Documents generated through the contract templates in Contract Express contract lifecycle management will always have the same wording, enforcing consistency across the business. Improve risk management by making sure that only legally-approved wording can be issued by any business user.

Set it and forget it – contract alerts

Pre-configured automatic alerts track contracts and their terms. Alerts can be set on any key data within the contract enabling both Business Users and Legal to receive alerts on key dates such as approaching contract expiration.

Gain insight into the business

Contract Express contract lifecycle management reporting tools give you a fully customizable overview of your business’ contract behavior. Visualize trends in the contract request process to identify sticking points and develop effective fallback provisions for your most innovative sales people, providing the business with room to grow.

An easy fit for your organization

Contract Express contract creation software can be implemented in a way to suit you. It can be installed  on-premise on your own servers or hosted in the Cloud on our QuickStart ™ platform to avoid IT delays. ContractExpress can be deployed on a variety of platforms including Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, and in the Cloud. It can also integrate with your existing line of business systems making contract creation & approval dramatically quicker.


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