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Salespeople are always under pressure to close deals faster, especially as the quarter-end approaches. But they often have to wait in line for a lawyer to find time to draft and approve their contracts. Corporations use Contract Express contract creation software to eliminate this legal bottleneck and shorten the sales cycle by automating the creation and approval of contracts. To request a contract in Contract Express contract creation software, business users answer a web-based questionnaire that guides them through the interview process. If their answers are complete and compliant, Contract Express generates a document that is ready for wet signature or E-signature through our partnership with DocuSign. Incomplete, non-compliant, or non-standard requests are routed for review to lawyers that are now freed to focus on these contracts instead of drafting routine documents.


Contract creation that is trusted by Legal and loved by the Business.

As you’ll see from the diagram below, Contract Express contract creation software not only increases the productivity of the sales and legal teams but it also reduces risk by standardizing and centralizing contract templates and improves compliance by centralizing the storage of generated contracts and their associated metadata and approval processes. Many solutions offer some kind of self-service contract creation or kiosk approach to contract creation for business users but almost none of those solutions are engineered to ensure that the process is legally trusted. On the other hand, ContractExpress’ document automation and relevancy engine is the subject of 12+ US and international patents and is at the core of why the world’s leading law firms and corporations rely on our solutions for contract creation, approvals, and management.


Trusted Self-service Contract Creation

diagram of Contract Express Trusted Self-service Contract Creation

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Our intuitive & patented template automation tool for MS Word, Contract Express Author, enables lawyers to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents without needing programmers. Automation without programmers means automated legal processes you can trust.

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We now have a much better product in our contracts and it is a great negotiation tool for our business users. Read case study >

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Revenue Recognition and Compliance With Automated Contract Creation

Standardize contract language

Documents generated through the contract templates in Contract Express will always have the same wording, enforcing consistency across the business. Improve risk management by making sure that only legally-approved wording can be issued by any business user.

Set it and forget it – contract alerts

Pre-configured automatic alerts track contracts and their terms. Alerts can be set on any key data within the contract enabling both Business Users and Legal to receive alerts on key dates such as approaching contract expiration.

Find everything

Draft, completed, and executed documents are all stored in Contract Express along with their metadata. our contract software’s enterprise search enables legal users to find contracts by specific meta data, clauses or language.


Audit trail

Each action, modification and approval to a contract request is logged in Contract Express to ensure that legal management have a complete picture of how a contract was executed.

Remain compliant by always keeping your contract templates up to date

Contract Express’ Authoring tool makes contract maintenance simple. React instantly to regulatory changes by implementing amendments right across your template bank swiftly and efficiently direct from Microsoft Word.

Secure document generation

Only approved documents can be sent out for signature. Documents awaiting approval will be draft watermarked until approved by Legal. Locked PDF documents ensure the final document cannot be altered.

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