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For organizations drafting 1,000+ documents each year or experiencing rapid growth, enterprise document automation can be a transformational technology. As the leader in enterprise document automation, Business Integrity has more than a decade of experience developing and supporting solutions that elevate the game of our customers and their clients. The ContractExpress family of software solutions enables lawyers and non lawyers alike to quickly and accurately draft legal documents from the simplest forms to the most complex. Our customers number the world’s leading law firms and in house legal departments of international corporations.

  • For corporations, ContractExpress enterprise document automation reduces costs, delays, and risk, while improving compliance, client service, and legal department efficiency. We offer solutions that enable in house Legal teams to deliver trusted, self-service contract creation systems; empowering them to better service their clients within the business, whilst tightly managing the commercial risk embodied in those agreements.
  • For law firms, ContractExpress enterprise document automation improves the profitability of alternative billing engagements and is the basis of client winning solutions and services that enables firms to compete in the online world.

The ContractExpress Difference

Prior to Business Integrity’s innovation, the process of automating legal contracts required both lawyers and computer programmers to automate a contract.

Many contract automation projects failed before becoming operational because of the long elapse times needed by the programmers to manually convert the lawyers’ contracts into computer programs and then verify that the programs correctly generated the typically large number of contract variations. During the programming and testing, the lawyers would typically continue to change the contract making it difficult to ever satisfactorily complete the initial implementation.

For those that did become operational, as the lawyers updated the contracts to incorporate new legal and commercial provisions, so the programs based on them typically became increasingly outdated due to the time required by the programmers to update and re-verify their legal correctness. In many cases, the time taken to update and test the programs was longer than the period between the legal updates! As a consequence, operational automated contracts typically became increasingly less effective to the point of becoming unusable.

Business Integrity’s innovation has eliminated the need for computer programmers by automating the enterprise document automation process.

ContractExpress Author
Unlike all other document automation products, ContractExpress automatically interprets lawyers’ “square bracket” legal markup notation in MS Word. There’s no programming notation, no XML markup, no hidden codes or fields, no questionnaire scripting, no use of proprietary editors, and no need to reapply styles to generated documents. This capability is unique and protected by eleven granted US patents with more pending. That’s the ContractExpress Difference. Try it yourself for free for 28 days.

As a consequence, as soon as a lawyer has completed a legal or commercial update to a contract, he or she is able to use ContractExpress to re-automate the contract without needing programming knowledge; to do so in minutes or hours rather than the days or weeks previously required; and to do so with less legal uncertainty than has been previously possible.

Platform options

The same Word-based ContractExpress automated templates can be deployed on the Intranet, the Extranet, in SharePoint, in Salesforce, and in the Azure Cloud. ContractExpress makes possible business solutions that would otherwise be infeasible using any other enterprise document automation product or technology. Users can generate documents from any browser including Safari mobile on the iPad.

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