The Requirement

To improve the quality and consistency of their documents and offer innovative client services


The Solution

ContractExpress is used by Radiant’s lawyers to draft documents faster and to offer self-service documents for their clients. Radiant Law are able to provide a better and more cost competitive service for their clients than traditional law firms.

The Law Firm

Radiant Law help clients build better relationships through, and deliver more value from, commercial contracts. They know that every client is different, so build bespoke approaches that always start with the client’s needs. From the very beginning, Radiant has sought to invent the future. Their use of fixed prices has incentivised them to innovate.

The Goal

When Radiant Law was launched in 2011, it was with the ethos to do things differently. The ‘new model’ law firm wanted to embrace technology and an alternative business model, something which proved difficult to do in the founders’ previous established firms.

Alex Hamilton, CEO of Radiant Law: “We wanted to imaginatively and smartly meet our clients’ needs by bringing together people, process and technology. Document automation is a key enabling technology to do this”.  As well as offering efficient solutions to clients Radiant were determined to practice what they preached, by making the most of efficiency tools in their daily work.

ContractExpress proved an easy choice, with several of the Radiant team having previously used the solution at their previous firms.

Radiant are now leading advocates of change in the Legal world (blog) and their fresh, creative approach to client service making waves in the legal industry; a number of their projects have been recognised by the FT’s Innovative Lawyer Awards including winning the award for Legal Pioneer of the Year in 2013. 

The Solution

Radiant Law are making the most of ContractExpress capabilities by using it both as an internal tool to help draft documents quickly as well as in client facing contexts. This is where ContractExpress really helps Radiant Law differentiate their services from their competitors. When high volumes of commercial contracts are likely to be drafted, a workspace is created for the client on the ContractExpress platform. Radiant Law drafts and sets up template model documents for the client from which they are then able to produce individual instances for themselves.

Alex Hamilton: “During the process of creating and setting up automated documents for clients we can really add value by helping them improve the contract language and structure of their agreements.  It is the ongoing optimisation of the contract language as we learn through providing managed legal services that has the biggest positive impact. The role of document automation in helping us do that is very important”.

The Result

Using ContractExpress Radiant Law have reduced document drafting time from days to minutes.  This in turn has reduced their clients’ overall time to contract (first draft to signed agreement) from weeks to days.

Alex Hamilton: “The feedback has been terrific, in particular when clients are using it themselves. Take the London Stock Exchange (LSE) as an example.  The LSE Sales team would start off the contracting process and frequently get frustrated with the length of time it would take to complete a product sales agreement. Too often it would feel like an endless back and forth between them and their lawyers. ContractExpress had a dramatic impact. Now the Sales team are able to generate compliant contracts on a self-service basis and don’t need to involve lawyers in every transaction.  Importantly the Legal team know that Sales can only generate agreements which are compliant with corporate policy. It now takes the LSE days rather than weeks to arrive at contract completion. It’s great because we have enabled Sales to be self-sufficient in getting the contracts going and just crack on with business. We (Radiant) only get involved when there is a change or a mark-up from the other side. They are immensely positive about the experience”.

“ContractExpress will remain a core tool in helping provide better value to clients; it is firmly in the Radiant Law repertoire”.


ContractExpress will remain a core tool in helping provide better value to clients; it is firmly in the Radiant Law repertoire.

Alex Hamilton

CEO , Radiant Law