Contract Express Negotiator

Redline, review, and collaborate on documents generated by Contract Express right from Word


Negotiator is a highly anticipated addition to the Contract Express arsenal of contract automation and management software. The Word add-in integrates seamlessly with Contract Express for Salesforce, SharePoint, and the cloud to facilitate the sharing, collaborating and negotiating of contracts produced with Contract Express. It provides a safe and easy way to compare documents received from the counterparty, even when Track Changes are disabled, and view CRM metadata associated with the contract record. In the case of Salesforce, Negotiator also incorporates the Chatter feed for an additional communication channel throughout the negotiating process.

Contract Express Negotiator is specifically designed for lawyers and their preferred workflow.

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Negotiator allows for a streamlined negotiation process within the Contract Express environment and incorporates features that are essential to a successful negotiation; it enables the user to save new versions of documents back to the contract record, compare documents received from counterparty to a version on the contract record, view all relevant information about the contract in the Contract Pane with links to associated records and use the Chatter feed as a an ad-hoc messaging tool.

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Compare versions

Negotiator allows users to create redlines between two versions. Negotiator uses Word’s built-in comparison capability.

Easy sharing

To share the document with the counterparty, a link to the document is sent via email attachments.

Find your Contract

Users can search their contract records from the Contracts Pane in Negotiator to associate the document with the correct contract record.

No meta-scrub required

Documents produced by Contract Express do not contain XML metadata by default so no scrubbing is required before sending documents out. If the user requires complete removal of personal information (such as Author and authoring time) then they can use Word’s built-in meta-data removal function.

Associate documents

Negotiator can associate a checked-out document to the contract record from anywhere, including just opening the file from Outlook.



Negotiator integrates with Chatter on Salesforce to enhance and enable ad-hoc communication throughout the negotiation process.

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