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Contract Management for SharePoint

Business Integrity is the leader in contract creation and document automation. Contract Express for SharePoint, our contract management for SharePoint product integrates our contract creation and document assembly engine into the Microsoft SharePoint platform. The powerful combination of Contract Express document assembly together with Microsoft SharePoint content management enables law firms and corporations to deliver collaborative contract creation and drafting solutions to their clients or business users. For those law firms and corporations that regard SharePoint as their preferred technology platform for applications, Contract Express for SharePoint is the natural choice for contract management for SharePoint.

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Going beyond simple web-parts

Contract Express uniquely creates on-the-fly content types that synchronize template data with SharePoint

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DocuSign® Integration

The DocuSign DTM platform integration provides significant benefits to the vast number of Contract Express customers who use it for contract creation and contract management with SharePoint. Contract Express with DocuSign allows users to have a completely digital contract automation solution, without any need to “print, sign and scan” documents. The enhancement further streamlines the process by helping organizations go fully digital for both speed and process simplification within the signature phase of contract creation.

Customizable Contract Management for SharePoint

Contract Express for SharePoint contains a number of features that facilitate the creation of custom integrations with other SharePoint sites or Line of Business applications. Each Contract Express template integrated with SharePoint can define a custom site workflow which is started when a new document request is completed or changes state. These workflows can be defined in SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio, and can connect back to the Contract Express for SharePoint API to gather meta data and documents from the request.

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Multi-site Deployment

Contract Express contract management for SharePoint can be deployed to multiple site collections in a SharePoint web application. When deploying Contract Express for SharePoint internally to multiple business groups, geographies or departments, a multi-site deployment strategy provides an additional means of segregating templates and data, ensuring that each group or department only has access to the correct templates and data. For law firms providing contract creation solutions to their clients through a multi-site SharePoint extranet, Contract Express for SharePoint can be activated on those client sites which are subscribing to the contract creation service.

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Just Drag & Drop

The Contract Express approval process is a rule-based engine which determines if newly completed requests require approval. Approval and compliance data are configured in the underlying Contract Express template and the Contract Express approval process will determine if a new contract request is both complete and compliant, prior to making the document available to the requestor.

For those requests that require approval, emails are sent to the approval groups and a new entry appears on the approver’s task list. Multiple approval tasks can be configured for each request, and these requests can be processed in either a serial or parallel manner.

Author templates in MS Word

Contract Express templates are created by legal content specialists in Microsoft Word, without requiring programming.

Integrated questionnaires

Integrated questionnaires

Contract Express questionnaire forms are dynamic multi-page forms that collect data during the document or contract request.

My dashboards

My dashboards

SharePoint permissions ensure that users only have access to the documents and data they are permitted to view.

Screenshot of parallel and sequential approvals in ContractExpress for SharePoint

Serial and parallel approvals

Approvals can be ordered sequentially or in parallel using simple drag and drop.

Business Process Reporting

Process reports

Generate process reports on key metrics such as user activity, document distribution and document turnaround time, to assess the usage of Contract Express and the value it brings to the organisation.


Customize and extend

Use SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio to create custom workflows and event handlers to extend and customize Contract Express for SharePoint.

More Features


Flexible deployment options

The Contract Express for SharePoint solution can be deployed to an on-premises SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010, either to an existing farm or web application, or in to a new farm or web application. In addition to an on-premises deployment, Contract Express for SharePoint can be delivered as a Software as a Service application using our QuickStart Cloud Platform.


Content type creation & synchronization

Content types in SharePoint are collections of columns that define the meta data properties of a list item. Contract Express for SharePoint contains a unique content type synchronization capability that automatically creates and updates content types from Contract Express templates. Once a template has been created in Contract Express Author, no further administration is required to integrate that template into SharePoint. The content type synchronization process ensures that the meta data of every request is stored as a list item in SharePoint, just like regular SharePoint content.

CRM & data integration

Contracts and documents created by Contract Express often require the inclusion of data held on other SharePoint sites or external applications. Customer information, client information, product information or other related content can be easily integrated into the request process by using the Contract Express external data source connectors.


SharePoint search

As a native SharePoint application that stores data and documents in regular SharePoint lists and document libraries, Contract Express leverages the powerful search capabilities of the SharePoint 2013 platform. Search results are returned in a single ranked list with links to the item, summaries and metadata. Users can refine the results from selecting result types, authors or modified date range in the search side-bar.


Document library integration

Documents and Contracts created by Contract Express for SharePoint are stored directly in Document Libraries, just like regular SharePoint content. Users can use standard SharePoint features such as Microsoft Word integration to check-out, check-in and generate redlines between versions.


Process reports can be produced to assess documents created over time, user activity, distribution of documents and the average turnaround time for reports, helping administrators to identify areas for improvement. Native meta data storage in regular SharePoint lists enables standard reporting tools such as SQL Reporting Services to also be used to create reports on content.


Contract Express for SharePoint leverages standard SharePoint groups and permissions to control individual access to templates and documents created from those templates. By default, items created by regular users are only visible to the creator and members of the administrator group on the site.

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