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Contract Express for Salesforce


Contract Management for Salesforce Overview

Our contract management for Salesforce product, Contract Express for Salesforce, integrates our contract creation and document assembly engine directly into the Salesforce platform.

Unless the contract creation and approval process is trusted by Legal, self-service contract creation is not possible. A lawyer will need to look at every contract for every user and make all changes manually. All the potential benefits of automated contract creation are lost!

The key to establishing legal trust is not needing programmers to automate the lawyer’s contract templates at the heart of the automated contract creation process.

Contract Express contract management for Salesforce uniquely eliminates the need for programmers by automatically utilizing legally intuitive mark-up in the template to determine the behavior of the questionnaire, generated contracts, and contract metadata. All in standard Word and using standard Word styling.

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box integration

The box App allows users to share, access and manage files within Salesforce and Salesforce1. The integration with Contract Express for Salesforce enables the corporate legal departments to use Box as the central archive of all executed contracts in the business.

NDA Kiosk

Our NDA Kiosk App that is part of Contract Express contract management for Salesforce is used for visitor management. Companies that require visitors to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon entering the building can set up an iPad kiosk in the lobby from which visitors can access the application. The new app connects directly with information stored in Contract Express for Salesforce.


DocuSign® Integration

The DocuSign DTM platform integration provides significant benefits to the vast number of Contract Express customers already use it for contract creation and contract management. Contract Express with DocuSign allows users to have a completely digital contract automation solution, without any need to “print, sign and scan” documents. The enhancement further streamlines the process by helping organizations go fully digital for both speed and process simplification within the signature phase of contract creation.

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screenshot of ContractExpress reporting dashboard


Native storage of data in Salesforce enables legal and compliance management to use standard Salesforce tools to create reports and dashboards. Out of the box reports and dashboards report and chart approval cycle times, requests by type, requests by stage and can be easily customized using standard Salesforce reporting.

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Screenshot of Contract Express Author MS Word plugin

Create templates in MS Word

Contract Express templates are created by legal content specialists in Microsoft Word, without requiring programming.

Screenshot of Contract Express for Salesforce Questionnaire

Integrated questionnaires

Contract Express questionnaire forms are dynamic multi-page forms that collect data during the document or contract request.

Screenshot of Contract Express for Salesforce search feature


Use native Salesforce search to find contracts by account, type, specific terms or specific language.

Screenshot of Contract Express for Salesforce item detail screen


Rule-based engine which determines if newly created requests are complete and compliant.

Screenshot of Contract Express for Salesforce item audit trail

Audit trail

Each action, modification and approval to a contract request is logged in Contract Express for Salesforce.

PDF or Lawyer

Contract Express for Salesforce’s contract creation capabilities ensure that sales users only receive compliant PDF contracts when they select standard pre-approved options. Any non-standard requests are routed to the legal team for approval and negotiation.


Trusted Self-service Contract Creation

Contract Express Trusted Self-service Contract Creation for Salesforce Diagram

Native integration

Contracts and contract data created by Contract Express for Salesforce are stored natively in your Salesforce Org and associated with accounts and opportunities. Sales users initiate the creation of a contract directly from an opportunity.

CPQ integration

Templates in Contract Express for Salesforce can embed product, price, and quote information created from your CPQ solution into generated contracts, enabling your sales users to create configurable contracts that include pricing and quote information.

No programming

Contract Express for Salesforce enables your legal team to create configurable contract templates without requiring any Salesforce technical knowledge. Contract templates are created in Microsoft Word, using an intuitive mark-up language for defining business rules for standard and fallback language.

Chatter enabled

Use Chatter to collaborate and negotiate contracts created by Contract Express for Salesforce.


Data flow

Opportunity, account, and product information contained within your Salesforce Org flows into the contract request process, eliminating common errors and misconfiguration of the contract.



Contract Express for Salesforce creates alerts on execution of a contract request and notifies users when a contract nears its termination date.


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