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Merging manual edits the safe way

Contract Express Drafter Overview

Need to switch a Share Purchase Agreement from “cash and shares” to “cash only” yet maintain all prior manual edits? Contract Express Drafter achieves this by merging manual edits with subsequent data changes through a Contract Express questionnaire in a quick, intuitive, and safe manner. Unlike other document assembly merge solutions, Contract Express Drafter does not rely upon the inclusion of special bookmarks or semantic tags inside the Microsoft Word document to perform a merge. Meta data such as semantic tags may be deleted by the other party, or the other party may include material differences in another part of the agreement, outside the scope of the semantic tags for the original clause. The only trusted approach to merging manual edits is for the attorney to consistently review all changes, both manual edits as well as subsequent data changes, using the same redlining approach that lawyers are familiar with.

Contract Express changes the game, enabling us to automate documents easily and quickly, but above all with complete accuracy.

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Integrates with Accept/Reject

Contract Express Drafter is integrated inside the Microsoft Word Review ribbon providing a familiar user experience for attorneys. An attorney can quickly and intuitively identify legal conflicts between two sets of changes and reconcile them using Word’s standard accept/reject and Word editing – in exactly the same way as if the attorney were reconciling the editing of two independent legal reviewers.  

Instant comparison against last generated version

Contract Express Drafter enables a reviewer to instantly see all manual edits performed on a document with a single click on the Contract Express Drafter ribbon. Contract Express Drafter seamlessly connects to the Contract Express document assembly web service to retrieve the original first draft and instantly compare the current document to produce a track-changed redline.

Identified orphaned edits

Changing a Share Purchase Agreement from “cash and shares” to “cash only” can have a dramatic impact on an agreement, updating several clauses from just a single data variable change. Manual edits could have been made to clauses which are no longer relevant in the new “cash only” agreement. Contract Express Drafter ensures that orphaned manual edits such as these are easily identified and rejected, or moved to a new location within the new agreement.

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