Automating law-firm contracts, a Contract Express case study

When McDonald Carano, a leading mid-sized, Nevada firm acquired another firm with its own estate planning templates, the firm turned to document automation software to reduce the complexity and inconsistency of their document packages. “The attraction of automation for creating documents has long been obvious, so it’s not as if we needed some sort of crystal ball. We noticed that the lawyers in our trust practice didn’t have a consistent drafting style and tended to use different set of documents for the same kind of matters. That’s inefficient, and it can lead to confusion” says Robert Sawyer, IT Director at the firm.

The firm was eager to fix these problems quickly, but was nervous about some of the document automation products out there and how complicated they seemed. “We would have had to either dedicate more IT resources to implementing HotDocs or pay hourly for programmers to automate each template—a process that might require 50 to 100 hours of work for each major document” added Rob.

Ken Adams, the leading authority on the building blocks of contract language and longtime friend of Contract Express recently interviewed Rob Sawyer of McDonald Carano on how they automated their contracts with Contract Express. Read the Q&A on Ken’s blog.