What’s new in Contract Express version 7.3?






We are delighted to announce that Contract Express version 7.3 is now available. The latest version is designed to streamline your document management processes, boost your data security and speed up the document creation process.

How to access & key dates

• Multi-tenant customers have been automatically upgraded to the latest version on 14 January 2018.
• Single tenant customers can contact customer support today to arrange an upgrade.
• On-premise customers will be able to download the installation files from 26 January 2018 from the Contract Express 7.3 section in the Documentation and Resources section in the Contract Express Knowledge Base.

The latest features

New features and enhancements

Export to NetDocuments

Create and seamlessly export your document to NetDocuments*, all from within Contract Express. To streamline your document management processes, seamlessly browse and select a folder in NetDocuments in which to save your document, and easily track the document in the audit history in Contract Express.

*NetDocuments subscription required for access. 

Search for content in documents

Pinpoint the document you need in seconds using the new search feature within datasheets. To help you narrow down your search results, there are a number of search connectors available, allowing you to run wildcard and word proximity searches, or target specific terms and phrases.

Schedule the deletion of inactive contracts

For enhanced data management and security, administrators can arrange for inactive contracts to be automatically deleted at regular intervals from within Contract Express, ensuring that only up-to-date and active contracts are available to users.

Choose an approver while answering a questionnaire

Rely on the new approver variable in your questionnaire to ensure your document is directed to the appropriate person when approval is needed. When populating a questionnaire, you can define the approver using the variable, as opposed to it being pre-determined by the administrator when the template is created.

Make more of your datasheets

Populate questionnaires effortlessly by using your datasheets as external tables. When completing a questionnaire, you can easily reference information in your datasheets to avoid duplication and save valuable time. For more efficient document management, you also have the ability to bulk import and export documents using Microsoft Excel files.

Compare template snapshots

To streamline the upgrade process, on-premise customers can use the snapshot comparison tool to compare snapshots of a template in their version and the latest version of Contract Express, helping you to identify discrepancies that need to be addressed before the upgrade takes place.

Learn more about these features

To arrange a training session for users in your organisation, please email contractexpress-support@thomsonretuers.com or request a free demo to learn more.