Don’t miss our Legaltech education session on document automation

Every year, the legal tech industry gathers together in New York to showcase and learn about the technologies that will shape the future of law. We’re of course referring to the annual event that is known as Legaltech (now part of the larger Legalweek New York conference experience), which promises an eye-opening and far-reaching view of cutting-edge and transformative solutions for legal professionals of all kinds.

This year Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute will host an education track on Tuesday, January 30th, titled: Leveraging Technology for Growth through Document Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Integration”.

The Tuesday 2-3pm session, “Document Automation – Workflow Strategies for Competitive firms”, will feature Geoffrey Goldberg, Manager of Contract Express Service and Support for Thomson Reuters, as the moderator for panelists Eric Wood, Partner at Chapman and Cutler LLP and Kathy Valentine, Director of Knowledge Management & Practice Innovation at Dentons.

As a preview, Goldberg said attendees can expect to hear examples of how modern law firms are using document automation to meet client expectations for more innovative practices and greater efficiency; all with the end goals to provide higher-quality service at a lower cost and in a fraction of the time.

Given that contract drafting is one of the primary services that law firms deliver to their clients, who can afford to miss out on associated technology that may lead to working faster and smarter? According to a recent ALM Pulse survey, the majority of respondents agreed that document automation software reduced total drafting time by 50% or more. And let’s not forget managing risk. Document automation can help ensure you and your firm are delivering top-notch work for clients.

A highlight of this discussion will be hearing directly from the panelists about why they chose a particular platform, insights into their implementation processes and the corresponding pitfalls and successes.

As Goldberg sums it up: “The right solution for any firm will give them the tools, technology, and platform they need to successfully automate a document or transaction.”

Attend this session to learn about some options that may be just right for your practice!

Session Name and location: TRACK 3 THEME: LTG 02 (CLE Eligible) – Sutton Center (2nd Floor)