What’s new in Contract Express 7.2?

We are delighted to announce the release of Contract Express version 7.2. This release focuses on improving Contract Express stand-alone by providing you with a more sophisticated workflow solution, risk management tools, and enhanced admin features. We are releasing this version in response to demand and feedback from you, our customers, for improved data and document management, streamlined and strengthened administration features, and faster and more accurate document authoring.

How to access & key dates

These features are available to all Contract Express stand-alone customers and you can find more information about them in the help files.

  • On-premises customers, please contact our customer support team to arrange your upgrade.
  • Public cloud customers will be automatically upgraded on 7/30/17.


What’s new?

New features and enhancements include:

  • Data-based email alerts and reminders
  • Improved approval and workflow steps
  • Mark-up editor for Contract Express Author
  • Ability to attach files and add comments to contract records
  • Improved sub site license management

Download the flyer:  What’s new in Contract Express 7.2

Email alerts

Keep on top of important deadlines related to your contracts by subscribing to email alerts in Contract Express.
Administrators can set up alerts for key metrics, dates, and deadlines based on the variables in your templates.

Mark-up editor

For quicker template creation in Microsoft Word, use the mark-up editor to add, edit filter and view your mark-ups, all from the task pane in Contract Express Author.


Workflows and approval engines

Create more complex workflows and approval flows using any of the variables in your templates. You can add a combination of steps to your approval flows to ensure that the approval is only triggered in a particular scenario.


Attachments and comments on contracts

Put your contract into context using the new attachments and comments features. You can attach supporting files to your contracts, manage versions of the files, and add comments to your contract to refer back to at any time.


Sub-site license management

The allocation of sub site-specific licenses gives law firms greater control of the users accessing sub sites. Law firms can clearly identify the internal and external users with access to a sub site, and view the number of licenses available for allocation.


Learn how to master these features!

To arrange a training session for users in your organization, please email contractexpress-support@thomsonretuers.com or request a demo to learn more.