What’s new in Contract Express version 7.1?

If you haven’t already been notified within Contract Express, it’s time to check for updates again! Contract Express version 7.1 has been released very recently and we are excited to introduce several new features and enhancements in this version.

“Version 7.1 helps our customers to increase efficiency, eliminate risk, and maintain the integrity of their data across the Contract Express web application and in Microsoft Word. Working closely with our customers, we’ve introduced clever new features that provide the answers they need in order to make informed decisions.”

Andy Wishart, Global Head – Contract Express


The new process reports are designed to give you a snapshot of your organisation’s efficiency and usage of Contract Express. The detailed reports cover key metrics such as document distribution , document turnaround time, approvals and signature cycle, and much more.

Use the various reporting parameters, custom fields and display formats to generate reports on the metrics that matter to you most. Then, download the reports as PDFs to share with colleagues, and export the raw data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis. The process reports enable you to identify areas for improvement, drive efficiency, and demonstrate the benefits of using Contract Express as your document automation solution.


Contract Express Summary Process Report



The new interactive dashboard displays the key performance indicators for your organisation over the last 30 days, giving administrators a clear insight into how the organisation is performing. The clean user interface makes the dashboard easy to navigate and the traffic light display easy to grasp.

Productivity, average negotiation and approval cycle times, template popularity and overdue documents are all measured, so you can focus your attention on the areas that need it most.

Contract Express 7.1 Key Metrics Dashboard


You can now create documents and effortlessly manage the entire negotiation process for a contract, from initiation to completion, all within Microsoft Word using the improved Negotiator add-in. The Negotiator add-in replicates all of the negotiation actions in the Contract Express web application, enabling you to work fluidly within Microsoft Word. The process enhancements also allow you to track where a particular contract is within the negotiation workflow, and request assistance from colleagues in a negotiation if required.


Using the Negotiator add-in, you can seamlessly synchronise your data from Microsoft Word with the questionnaire in Contract Express. When you edit a document in Word, the Negotiator add-in captures these changes and automatically updates the questionnaire responses in Contract Express, flagging any data discrepancies for your review. By aligning your data across platforms, you can be sure that you are always working on the latest version of a document.


We have delivered additional process enhancements such as the ability to:

  • Filter and sort within datasheets so you can locate information and report with ease on specific issues, clients and contracts
  • Select, download and delete multiple templates at once for improved system maintenance
  • Enable DocuSign for each template and void a DocuSign envelope from Contract Express


We hope you enjoy Contract Express 7.1. Please contact us if you would like further information about this release.

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