What is Contract Express document automation in 147 seconds!

synapse-group-1aEven with the 20 million billion bits of information that move around our brain every second (see below for a breakdown of that number), we can still feel overwhelmed by the amount of videos, whitepapers and articles that are published every day. That’s why our new videos about Contract Express cover everything you need to know in 147 seconds or less!

The idea of document automation isn’t new to the Contract Express team in Thomson Reuters. As a collective, we have many decades of experience helping the world’s leading law firms and corporations increase productivity and profitability with automation. But the concept may be new to you and that’s why the talented folks in our creative department put together these new videos that explain how Contract Express document automation can significantly improve the way you and your team draft, review, approve and manage documents while offering a better service to clients.

Watch our new video about Contract Express for law firms: http://www.contractexpress.com#ce-law-firms

Watch our new video about Contract Express for corporations:  http://www.contractexpress.com#ce-corporations

Aside: How many bits of information does our brain process every second?

100 billion neurons – approximate number of neurons in the human brain


200 – The number of times each neuron fires per second


1,000 – The number of connections each neuron has with its neighbors


That’s 20 million billion bits of information every second!