Contract Express 7.0 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of Contract Express 7.0.

This major release introduces several features that enhance the document creation and negotiation experiences. Customers with a Practical Law UK subscription now also get access to almost 300 pre-automated, maintained templates and standard clauses.


Negotiator is an additional plugin for Microsoft Word which aims to make the process between making manual changes to the document in Word and editing the Questionnaire in Contract Express as seamless as possible. While still in Word, you are able to view the version history of a document and perform “red-line changes”, where you compare different versions of the document and merge any changes into one version.

It also enables Legal professionals to launch a Questionnaire with pre-populated data from the draft document after making manual changes via a one-click action in Word. You are then able to merge these two versions.

Contract Express Negotiator



The Questionnaire Drafting Notes allow template authors to create inline guidance within the Contract Express Preview feature. This helps users understand the importance of specific clauses.

Contract Express Questionnaire Drafting Notes



The Contacts feature will enable users to create and share contact information between templates from a centralized data store of contacts and entities (pictured below). Users will be able to keep track of which documents are using Contacts data and will be notified if that data has been updated upon updating the documents or creating new version via editing the Questionnaire.

Contract Express Contacts


Practical Law UK Integration

Contract Express customers with a Practical Law UK subscription will get access to almost 300 pre-automated maintained templates and standard clauses. These are the same templates used by Practical Law’s Fast Draft tool, but unlike Fast Draft these templates can be customized by Contract Express customers. Contract Express template authors are notified when the maintained templates and clauses are updated by the editorial team.

Practical Law ntegration

Companies House look-up

The Companies House look-up feature will enable users to quickly find company details and contacts to use in their templates and keep those up to date.

Postcode look-up

The UK postcode look-up feature will enable users to search for UK postcodes inside the Contract Express Questionnaire.

Please contact your client manager for more info or fill out our contact form to learn more about Contract Express 7.