Business Integrity and Thomson Reuters Integration – the plan so far

Last month LegalIT Insider published an article about our company’s recent acquisition by Thomson Reuters. The piece, titled, “Thomson Reuters Business Integrity – the plan so far”, discusses the company’s strategy and short-term changes resulting from the purchase.

Charles Christian, Editor-at-Large of LegalIT Insider, reports that Business Integrity’s flagship product, ContractExpress, is expected to become fully integrated with Thomson Reuters’ resource Practical Law. Practical Law subscribers will be able to automate contracts using ContractExpress, which is replacing FastDraft as the automation tool within Practical Law. The article also states that the company is also considering a future integration of the proofreading tool Drafting Assistant.

That said, Christian cites Lucinda Case, VP of customer segments and strategy,  who says the current ContractExpress product roadmap, developed by Business Integrity co-founder and EMEA vice president Richard Newton and CTO Andy Wishart, among others, will remain intact. Thomson Reuters says they aim to build on the existing momentum ContractExpress is currently experiencing, which is growing at a phenomenal rate.