Bowditch & Dewey licenses ContractExpress for firm-wide use

Following an extensive evaluation during 2015, the Massachusetts HQ’ed law firm has licensed ContractExpress to enable all its lawyers and staff to generate client documents more efficiently and effectively.

As a midsized law firm that specializes in business law, Bowditch & Dewey focuses on practical, innovative solutions that consider an optimal return on investment for their clients. They are strategic and proactive, ensuring that tactics integrate a broad view of both current and future needs.

Founded in 2000, Business Integrity, now part of Thomson Reuters, develops patented, best-in-breed document assembly & contract creation solutions for law firms and corporations. By working closely with our 100% reference-able customers, which include the world’s leading law firms and blue chip corporations, we are able to deliver intuitive solutions that meet their real-world demands, ensuring you can trust our solutions today and ten years from now.

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