Business Integrity Releases ContractExpress Product Updates

Building-processLatest releases of ContractExpress, ContractExpress for SharePoint, and ContractExpress for Salesforce further streamline automated document creation by improving the user experience.

Business Integrity®, now part of Thomson Reuters, and the world leader in document automation software for law firms and corporations, released updates to its popular ContractExpress suite of document automation software. The latest versions include:

  • ContractExpress 5.5
  • ContractExpress for SharePoint 5.1
  • ContractExpress for Salesforce 4.0

Two key tools updated within these products include ContractExpress Author 5.5 and ContractExpress Negotiator 2.0. ContractExpress Author is the Microsoft Word add-in used by lawyers and subject matter experts in all three ContractExpress products to automate their templates and publish them for consumption. ContractExpress Negotiator is also a Word add-in, only available previously for ContractExpress for Salesforce. ContractExpress Negotiator 2.0 now works in ContractExpress for SharePoint as well and provides a safe and easy way to track and review changes to the contract while collaborating with the counterparty.

Updated features that improve the user experience and help to streamline the document creation process include:

  • ContractExpress 5.5/Author
    • A new visualization tool to review questionnaire decision trees.
    • Server Side Dictionaries.
    • New and enhanced Look-up Editor including support for rich text.
    • Locales have been moved into their own first-class configuration, and users may now create their own custom locale.
  • ContractExpress for SharePoint 5.1
    • New Data Grid with filters offers a better overview of contract data.
    • Support for multi-tenant environments.
    • Improvements to the MSI.
  • ContractExpress for Salesforce 4.0
    • Automatic document completeness check when all necessary information has been supplied.
    • Enhanced DocuSign support; ContractExpress can be configured to allow any contract requestor to initiate the DocuSign process for any accessible contract.

The latest versions of all three ContractExpress products are currently available from Business Integrity, part of Thomson Reuters.