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Document Automation That Works ™

Our document and contract automation software (Contract Express) is trusted by the world’s leading law firms and corporations to generate standard legal documents from automated templates, reducing or eliminating the delays, costs, bottlenecks, and risks inherent with manual drafting. With automated contract drafting, lawyers are freed to work on higher value negotiations, non-standard matters, and realizable matters. The result is a faster, more efficient, more consistent, more compliant legal service. Everyone wins. Partners and GCs trust Contract Express contract automation because their lawyers are able to quickly and accurately automate and update their legal templates in Word without requiring IT specialists to convert their legal templates into computer programs.

Unlike all other document automation products, Contract Express document automation understands lawyers’ “square bracket” legal markup notation. There’s no programming notation, no XML markup, no hidden codes or fields, no questionnaire scripting, no use of proprietary editors, and no need to reapply styles to generated documents. This capability is unique to Contract Express contract automation software and protected by thirteen granted US patents with more pending. It’s the Contract Express difference, and the reason why Contract Express automated drafting is the solution of choice for leading law firms and corporations worldwide. Try it yourself for free for 28 days.
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Screenshot of Contract Express Author Document automation add-in for Word

Generating documents from automated templates

Mobile-first design of Contract Express 5 document assembly

Business and legal users generate documents by filling out dynamic, web-based forms – also called ‘questionnaires’ – created automatically from your templates. Contract Express contract automation is mobile-first. The questionnaire looks great on smartphones and tablets of all sizes. “Contract Express on a tablet is an excellent example of the productivity improvement that can be achieved with document automation software.” – Andy Wishart, Global Head – Contract Express, Thomson Reuters

Contract automation shouldn’t be rocket science…

screenshot of Contract Express Author document assembly in mac-pc

It should be easy!

Our intuitive & patented template automation tool for MS Word, Contract Express Author, enables lawyers to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents without needing programmers. Document automation without programmers means automated legal processes you can trust. That’s the Contract Express difference! Sign up for a free trial of Contract Express contract automation to automate and run your own contracts, agreements and other legal documents.
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Why Law Firms Use Contract Express Document Automation

Law firms use Contract Express document assembly to win new clients, retain key clients, and increase partner profits:

Online marketing tool

Showcase your firm’s advanced capabilities to win new clients. For example, see Cooley GO.

Client collaboration tool

Enable clients to complete an intelligent online form  and have the generated Word document automatically sent to an associate for review.

Volume assembly engine

Manage volumes of employment claims on behalf of large corporate clients on-shore and at a price that satisfies the client and makes a healthy profit for the partnership.

Client portal

Provide clients with user-specific “dashboards” to enter new deal information and generate locked PDFs of deal documents or automatically route to a lawyer for review depending on their answers to self-service questionnaires.

Client document generator

Associates and paralegals can rapidly and accurately create client draft documents for subsequent negotiation by the firm’s lawyers, optionally aided by Contract Express Drafter. Easily generate repetitive “secondary” deal documents such as bondholders’ memos.

Engagement letter generator

Create consistent and compliant engagement letters, ethical wall memos, and other firm administrative documents where speed, consistency, compliance, integration with other systems, and cost reduction are important.

Document automation with Preview Mode

Document assembly is sometimes regarded as a “black box”. Questions are answered and documents are generated, with no visibility as to what is happening inside the document. Contract Express Preview changes this by enabling lawyers to observe changes in the document in real time as they answer the questionnaire.   Preview enables senior lawyers to confirm that the automated template is behaving as expected. Preview enables junior lawyers to better understand how the options in the questionnaire relate to different clauses in the document. Test-drive Preview for yourself using our automated software license agreement. Launch Test-Drive
screenshot of Contract Express 5 document assembly Preview feature

Why Corporations Use Contract Express Contract Automation

Corporations across all industries use Contract Express contract automation to:

Reduce delays

Eliminate the drafting bottleneck in Legal

Reduce costs

Improve efficiency and better utilizing lawyers’ time

Reduce risk

Improve compliance by standardizing contract language and approvals

Trusted Self-service Contract Creation

ContractExpress Trusted self service contract creation

By combining automated contract drafting with approval workflows, Contract Express contract automation software enables business users to initiate contract requests and receive signature-ready, locked PDFs when their request is complete and compliant. We call this trusted self-service contract creation, or “PDF or Lawyer”. Business users complete an intuitive, business-oriented online questionnaire. The PDF-or-lawyer approval workflow enforces compliance by only allowing a business user to access a signature-ready and locked PDF version of the agreement when their answers are complete and compliant, as established by Legal. Incomplete or non-compliant requests are automatically routed to the appropriate lawyer for review.

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Robust approval process

Incomplete, non-compliant, or non-standard answers, including any request by the counterparty for changes or the Word version, are routed with an alerting email to defined legal and/or business approvers. Approvers can view and edit the user’s answers, and approve, reject, or reassign to another approver. Lawyers can access fully styled and versioned Word documents generated from the user’s answers for negotiation with the counterparty’s lawyers.

Improving client service and law department efficiency

Law departments use Contract Express automated drafting for the creation and approval of business development agreements including NDAs, license agreements, sales agreements, and procurement agreements. Business clients receive approved contracts more quickly, while the lawyers are able to focus on non-standard, high value matters.

Compliance and audit

Every step of the process is logged for audit and management reporting. Executed contracts with the associated high-integrity contract data are exported to a contract management site for searching, alerting, and reporting.
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The Contract Express Difference

Our intuitive & patented template automation tool, Contract Express Author, enables lawyers to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents without needing programmers. Automation without programmers means automated legal processes you can trust. Sign up for a free trial of Contract Express to automate and run your own contracts, agreements and other legal documents.
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